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lindsey buckinghamI think I'M in trouble! I just love Lindsey Buckingham too much (as you're probably aware). I mean, the man looks good in every single decade! In the Seventies his hair was long, his beard was just dirty enough and he was composing some of my favorite songs of all time.

Even the Eighties, with shoulder pads and eyeliner, his curly little afro and blue eyes look beautiful enough to drive me wild, throwing my arms in the air exclaiming “Ack–he's so ADORABLE!!!” (true story).

But perhaps most impressive, even in the last two decades, the years all the seventies bands reunite and tend to look bizarre or haggard, Buckingham looks like the hottest uncle, professor or friend's dad you could ask for. What can I say, the guy's a total stud and Nicks was mad to leave his side.

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Posted on July 9, 2007

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