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lilly allenI don't know, I'm a bit torn about this entry… Am I too old to be mentioning this girl? Until today, I really had very little idea of what or who a Lilly Allen was, except that she's pregnant and looked adorable in the Japanese Elle Girl I saw her in.

After more insight has been gleaned, I feel she may be one of those brassy girls that can be too much to handle. A bundle of nerves and contradictory extremes. She talks about the importance of body image, then drops a ton of weight. She posts photos of herself crying in bed on myspace – where she gained a following and began her career; but rather than seeming just weirdly sad, her openness is also inviting and sweet.

She reminds me of the insecurities and cockiness of a high school girl, and I guess I like her for that. Plus, she dresses in poofy cocktail dresses.

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Posted on December 31, 2007

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