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lich king world of warcraftI suppose in some ways it shows a level of maturity that I haven't been playing much World of Warcraft lately; In fact, Jim and I will need to spend some time re-familiarizing ourselves with the game before even beginning the new goodies of the Lich King – but part of me is a little ashamed too. What joy can I gain from the level cap being raised to 80 when I am a mere 62?

Still as always, Blizzard has really put a lot into the project to wows it's wow-ers with the following awesomeness:
* Level cap raised to 80
?* Battle with the Lich King at the Frozen Throne
?* One new playable class: Death Knight
?* A new continent: Northrend
?* The creation of a new profession: Inscription
?* Profession level cap raised to 450
?* New items, quests, dungeons, creatures, spells and weapons
?* Siege weapons and destructible buildings (for PvP)
?* New character-customization options, including new hairstyles
?* First completely PvP zone (regardless of what kind of server you play on)
?* Improved Graphics Engine (applied to shaders, flame effects, water appearance and detailed shadows)
?* New factions including the Tuskarr (Walrus-men), Frenzyheart (Wolverine-men), The Oracles (evolved form of murlocs) and the Taunka, a racial cousin to the Tauren

Makes one yearn to be a nerdy shut in if only it didn't keep crashing my computer!!!!!

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Posted on November 17, 2008

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