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li edelkoortPick for the week of May 21st
Here's what I said then:

The wondrous contradiction in the fashion world is its dead serious pretension and its odd ball sense of humor and extravagance. Never before have I seen the two sides so expertly combined than at a recent Trend Union seminar by Li Edelkoort, founder of Edelkoort Etc., Heartwear, Bloom, and View on Colour.

Looking massively spectacular in a gray, decorative shroud, she spoke of the future of fashion with such observations as: Clothing will be motivated by fear! This has been the decade of the dress! Socks are making a comeback! Big fashion houses must lure their clients with dreams of bondage and high price tags! You won't be able to tell the difference between a fundamentalist and a hip young thing!

She noted the strange combination of fear and decadence that we live with, as much as we worry about global warming and attacks, we are eating oysters, learning about fine cheeses, and living out our fantasies online and in video games.

Well, okay she never mentioned video games, and her presentation, which included huge avant garde slide shows with Leonard Cohen and experimental scratching noises as soundtracks, are far more impressive than I can convey here. Usually I scoff and even get mad at so called trend forecasters and their bull. Apparently I just had never met the right one. This lady is crazy and fun, just like good fashion should be.

Runners Up:
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Tsumori Chisato
Ceil Chapman
Dolly Parton
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Posted on November 5, 2007

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