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Bright EyesEven though I have the support of thousands of love-sick and misunderstood youths, this may be my toughest sell yet to my readers. In my peer group, I am totally alone in my love for Connor Oberst and his magical brand of whining. Well, so be it.

This is a touching and heartfelt album with some really beautiful songs of love, regret, depression, family, and other ailments in life. I think it's his best album and still listen to it when I want a dose of the teenage blues. The gentle duet ballad, 'Contrast and Compare', and the lamentations of 'June On The West Coast' are my personal favorites.

And, even if he's not to your taste, we can all agree this is an impressive musical feat for a seventeen year old. That's right, seventeen! If you have yet to form an opinion, give this album a try and maybe we can mope together.

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Posted on February 26, 2007

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