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the animals let it rockA commenter on iTunes very accurately described Let It Rock (recorded by my personal favorite British Invasion band in 1963 at Newcastle's Club A-Go-Go) as a real life version of the toga party in Animal House. While other girls would have been hammering down doors to get at Mick Jagger's pillowy lips, I'd be seeking out the round faced man who, according to this bio “was known as 'Eggs' to his friends, from his fondness for breaking eggs over naked girls”.

It's a little raucous and a little rough, and it's exciting hearing Burdon and Sonny Boy Williamson bantering with the audience. At one point Williamson talks about a bad tooth that's got him sore exclaiming, “Hell yeah, I'm gonna carry on, cause I got nothing better to do”. Strangely though, the Sonny Boy tracks did not appear on the original release, but instead were released later as The Animals with Sonny Boy Williamson. The two are together compiled on this re-release, making the entire concert experience of that night complete.

A few of my favorite songs of the genre are performed here, like Brix Pick “Night Time is the Right Time”, “Bo Diddley”, and “Dimples”. While it's true that the kind of slow, ominous and sexy sound of songs like “Gin House Blues”, “What am I Living For” and “I put a Spell on You” are missing, making this performance perhaps not my very most favorite side of the awesome band, but it's still great fun for fans of classic, upbeat rock blues.

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Posted on February 23, 2009

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