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lemongrass pork vietnamese table saladA nondescript, semi-depressing strip mall by the Target on the outskirts of Austin, Texas was home to Sunflower, which in turn was home to one of the best meals I've ever had. This recipe comes kind of close to that meal, at least as close as I have come yet.

The cuisine of Vietnamese is among my very favorites, and I am begging the world to grant me just one in the area in exchange for one of the many mediocre Thai places that sit on every Greenpoint corner.

The most popular and wide spread dish from Vietnam is Pho, in fact this noodle soup is regarded as a daily dish in the country, but also popular and in tradition with the large portions, abundance of herbs, fruits, and vegetables is this recipe.

The meal consists of a platter of mint, basil, noodles, and various vegetables along with a highly seasoned sliced pork which gets wrapped in lettuce and dipped in a spicy, sweet dipping sauce.

The recipe's version of that sauce, called “nuoc mam cham”, is excellent!

The meal looks grand and impressive, but takes very little effort. Just give yourself some chopping time and remember to marinate the pork before beginning.

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Posted on December 10, 2007

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