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My mom?has been lucky enough to receive some home made Limoncello from a friend, a sweet and potent treat I haven't had since my trip to Italy back in college. A very charming student we traveled with was nearly taken in by a local family who gave him lots of their Limoncello which we got to try.

It's fairly easy to make yourself, just a bit time consuming. All you need are some lemons, some vodka, some sugar, some water, a knowledge of how to zest, and patience. In this recipe, the mixture sits for ten to forty days?twice! I had hoped to make my own when my mom made this pick, but I just didn't have the time.

There are non homemade options out there, like Danny Devito's. but, frankly, it's barely drinkable and needs to be diluted with lots of sparkling water. It tastes chemically and can't compare to fresh ingredients. Sorry Danny. I know the stuff makes you and George Clooney really, really happy, (and it's no surprise, a mere whiff of the stuff could get you drunk) but I can't call myself a fan.

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Posted on May 5, 2008

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