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led zeppelin 2Choosing a favorite Led Zeppelin album is too difficult, so while I can't say with certainty that Led Zeppelin II is my favorite, I can say it rules. With the David Juniper album art, just hinting at the kind of unique rock awesomeness lurks inside, it's an album that is good beginning to end and on the outside too.

This album, released the same busy year as their debut album includes the mega hits “Whole Lotta Love“, “Heartbreaker” and “Living Loving Maid“; the latter two which should always be played together but rarely are anymore on the radio. It is also home to one of their bests: What Is and What Should Never Be.

Led Zeppelin was always an enigmatic band, one beloved by the older kids in high school. Oder kids that were sexually active and took the automotive repair classes. I distinctly remember one such boy wore a black Zeppelin t shirt with the fallen angel on it. Somehow I ended up with it, honestly, I can't recall why he would give it to me, but I hope it is still with all my junk left behind in my childhood bedroom.

This album in particular, The Lemon Song, will always remind me of the awe inspiring rebellion of older teens.

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Posted on May 26, 2008

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