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l'ecoleL'ecole is the restaurant attached to the French Culinary Institute and everything you eat is from the aspiring chefs in training. The Institute offers both recreational cooking classes and professional classes and the restaurant where these teachings are put to the test is nothing short of excellent and for only forty dollars per person for a five course meal, the elegant feast was even more pleasing.

We got the evening rolling with delicious cocktails (not included in the pre fixe price); for the first course, I had the escargot: a tender traditional take on the garlicky goodie that was as good as the best I've had. The second course was a fish option and we each tried different options, but all of them surprised us by being the best part of the whole meal. For a main entree, I tried a delicacy I have always wanted to try, sweetbreads (calf pancreas, to be more specific). They were breaded and fried and tasted a bit like a dreamy, creamy, custardy breaded eggplant. Before dessert, an amazing goat cheese and beet sorbet salad was served to cleanse the palate, this was another highlight.

My dessert of floating islands was delightful and when we stepped out into the evening with full bellies and full wallets, smiles broke out all around. L'Ecole's menu is constantly changing, so never expect the same meal, and reservations can be hard to get, keep an eye out on opentable for your chance at a decent time slot. Along with the five course pre fixe, there is a three course lunch as well as an early dinner four course option.

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Posted on July 9, 2007

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