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peter paul and mary leaving on a jet planeLeaving on a Jet Plane has been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl. It reminds me of playing in the backyard, getting muddy and tired, then recouping on the carpet with this playing on my parents record player. Not that I exactly remember such an afternoon, but this song seems to evoke the general feeling of childhood's fair weather days before school even began.

Funny, then, how little I knew about the song until I was researching for this entry. For starters, I had no idea that this was written by John Denver in an airport. I wonder what poor soul he was leaving behind. I also had no idea that the beloved version of my youth was sung by Peter Paul and Mary, and for that matter, I had no idea that Mary was such a total babe.

Now that fair weather days are back, I'll be putting this on after a long day of being outdoors, getting muddy and tired.

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Posted on June 25, 2007

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