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Send a Tyra Message Nothing can embarrass more than a message from Tyra saying things like “What's up? It's Tyra Banks! Guess who just hit me up on my cellie? Your wife, Brittany” and “According to her, you love your five finger forehead and you've learned how not to be a no neck monster….Holla!” I can only assume that Mr. Jay and Nigel's voice mailboxes are clogged with similar vms.

The begining of this kind of “mobile marketing” really began with the over hyped Snakes on a Plane, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who got a message from Samuel L Jackson. The film paired with Varitalk, the same company that worked with my girl Ty-Ty and they also offer the option to send “personalized” calls from such impressive stars as Larry the Cable Guy and Hilary Duff.

I have to admit that I think this was a clever move on advertisers parts, and I'm sure the jerky dudes that made it up are living well off the rewards. But it does make you wonder how far ads will go, how invasive and manipulative too. I guess I'm just a microscopic cog in the fat cats catastrophic plan to sell DVDs and make us watch the CW.

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Posted on March 26, 2007

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