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embroidery learn classEmbroidery is huge these days, and no wonder. This crafty art form can create amazing personalized pieces, like this Bumble Bea sweatshirt my friend Sara made for Dana's baby, Bea.

Sara, who lives in Austin learned the craft from a book called The Stitch It Kit purchased at Sublime Stitching. Jenny Hart who wrote the book is a major player in the new craft movement and the proprietor of the shop.

Sara features her creations, like this personalized apron and this lovingly detailed vintage cowboy shirt on her blog Snaggletooth.

Here in the city, my co workers Meghan and Sarafina took embroidery classes at The Make Workshop which features all sorts of crafty goodness seminars and classes. Meghan's lovely work is pictured.

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Posted on April 7, 2008

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