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petite marche brooklyn heightsWe went to the fairly new Brooklyn heights bistro, Le Petite Marche for Dine in Brooklyn week. With a ability to plan ahead, I was able to procure a table, which was good, because it was quite busy.

The special menu seemed to have a fair sampling of their food, though there were a few things they were already out of by 8:30. No matter, instead of cr?me brulee, we had our pick of the entire dessert menu and I had the best of the ones we sampled, the profiteroles. (What's the secret to a good profiterole? Fresh cream and good ingredients!)

Jim and Laura didn't fair quite as well with their sweets. The apple tart was overwhelmingly burnt in flavor, though still not bad and Laura was not a fan of her parfait. She even broke the glass (accidentally) and didn't want a replacement.

Since it appears I am starting with my dessert first, I'll continue in reverse order, saving the best for last. For our main course, I had the coq au vin, which was fresh tasting and subtly flavored. It felt like a home cooked meal, if your home were a French farm with free range chickens running about ready to be eaten. Yummy.

The best part of the meal, though was the escargot. Prepared in the traditional garlic butter way, it was really delicious. Though, how can escargot go wrong? Hmm, actually I bet a bad plate of escargot can go very wrong indeed, so scratch that.

The environment reminded me, I guess not surprisingly, of the next door Henry's End, only with a slightly less jovial crowd. Maybe it was restaurant week that brought out a lot of whiners and complainers. No complaints here, though, especially with the low price pre fixe.

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Posted on April 7, 2008

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