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lenellsOh my. Is it strange to fall in love with a liquor store unless you're some kind of booze hound? Well, strange or not, that's what happened with LeNell's, a little top shelf paradise. We walked in and were confronted with the Rolling Stones Aftermath blaring and a well dressed young Donald Sutherland look-alike employee. Yes ladies, I kid you not, he made many helpful suggestions but, to be honest, with my mega-crush on Sutherland I probably would have bought anything in the world from him.

Fortunately, what I did buy based on his truly informed suggestions are all excellent: Bitter Truth Orange Bitters, Hanger One Vodka, and Blue Gin which he described as “fucking kick ass” (you'll be hearing about the good use I put these all to in upcoming Brix Picks).

What I was really there for, however, was the Rothman and Winter creme de violette, a lacquerer I have been trying to get my hands of for a very long time–since I first tried the Lady in Satin at Angel's Share–but it just could not be found.

It was Time Out, in a rare moment of sheer brilliant helpfulness, that informed me that LeNell's would be carrying it. For a small space, it's impressive how many rare and unique choices they have, not only my violette lacquerer but Absinthe, all sorts of bitters, and top shelf everything.

Really dynamite.

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Posted on January 21, 2008

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