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le colonialMy parents were staying in midtown during a recent visit and we happened across Le Colonial, a luxurious Vietnamese oasis for their last dinner in town. It was excellent and I highly recommend it for parental visits. The potted palms, huge ceiling fans, and rattan furniture will make you feel like a wealthy colonist like those in W. Somerset Maugham novels and Out of Africa, but without all the guilt of bloodshed and exploitation.

The prices, while not exactly making the place a contender for cheap eats, are reasonable for the area (7 dollars for many appetizers and 16 to 26 dollars for main entrees) and are tasty enough to be more than worth it. One of my mom and the whole Hague clan's favorite cuisines is Vietnamese, so finding a nice place like this was a blessing.

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Posted on May 7, 2007

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