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Lance HenriksenYou know that moment, the first time you notice someone familiar as more than just some guy, but as an attractive man? Whether it's a joke he makes or a new haircut, suddenly it's like there's a new person standing in front of you. Usually said person is too gentle, too unassuming to be overtly considered sexy.

With Lance Henriksen it was the opposite. He was too freaky and frightening to be a total hunk. Even if he did end up being a good replicant in Aliens, it's like I still held onto Ripley's mistrust and misgivings. Don't get me wrong, creepy men like Nick Cave and Brad Dourif would have a much easier time bedding me than Brad Pitt or Mario Lopez–a creepy man is no problem in my book. But with Henriksen it took two viewings of Near Dark (FYI: it's just as near great and flawed the second time) to see just how cool he is.

Like really cool. Cool, like you believe entirely that he was a southern civil war general who became a vampire and grew too tough and old for this earth.

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Posted on October 29, 2007

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