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I had my first encounter with true Szechuan “mala” with the Dan Dan noodles at Lan Sheng. Your mouth numbs with a slightly citrus flavor that’s hard to explain

Poor Shaun thought maybe he was having an allergic reaction, which is not a crazy assumption since it’s such a new sensation if you’re not used to it. I’m just giddy that there are still food experiences out there and ones with physical reactions.

Oh and the noodles were delicious besides. I adore Dan Dan noodles. But obviously have never had them quite like these. Appetizer wise, Lan Sheng also boasts yummy mini crab soup dumplings which are worth the wait. My favorite main course had to go to the shredded chicken in spicy garlic sauce. It may sounds hum drum but it was seriously addicting, in fact, I want a dish of if right now!

Spicy in a wholly different way is the flavorful lamb cumin which is not for the faint of heart. Be sure to have rice to mellow the heat. We also split the DIY pork buns which were tasty but filling after so much Szechuan indulgence. It has a special name I’ve forgotten but you can find it in the novel of a menu easily thanks to their handy photos.

The place is laid back and clean, the is service efficient and friendly. A perfect spot to eat after seeing the Weegee exhibit at ICP. I’ll definitely go back next time I’m in the area.

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Posted on February 13, 2012

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