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lady starlight's rock and roll high schoolLady Starlight seems to be some kind of clubbing superstar of NYC nightlife. But I wouldn't know anything about that because I'm the one home writing blogs like this and snuggling my cats at one in the morning as opposed to say, this. She was also Lady Gaga's original collaborator – also something I know little about but I have an inkling our Miss Starlight inspired all those wacky lovably out of control costumes because she knows the meaning of fun and spandex.

The girl's got great taste and will inspire you with images of metal and glam's most spectacular fashions on her blog Lady Starlight's Rock and Roll High School. All the well known greats are here, like Iron Maiden and Roxy Music, but like any good site, it might introduce you to new names?- Sweeney Todd or Alvin Stardust perhaps?

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Posted on July 6, 2009

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