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edith piaf la vie en roseWhile it feels clich?d to assign the lilting La Vie En Rose, made particularly famous by French icon Edith Piaf,?as an anthem for the city of lights, I think it's a perfectly?fitting soundtrack for a town so full of beauty. Seriously, every corner looks like a photograph to hang on the wall of some sad American version of a “bistro”.

The song was the title of last year's big Piaf biography (which I've yet to see) and it's been featured in countless movies, shows and commercials (Sabrina, Wall-E, and Natural Born Killers, just to name a few of the better ones — but it appears in The Bucket List too).

It's also been covered by numerous artists, most famously perhaps by Brix Picks fave Grace Jones (side note: I just caught a few minutes of Boomerang and fell in love with the Amazon all over after seeing her emerge from a huge wooden crate that had been flown in by helicopter on a gladiator chariot driven by half naked men).

But really it's Piaf's version that hits the spot best and truly evokes all the wonders the magnificent city.

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Posted on March 2, 2009

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