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la turMeet the best cheese on the planet. At Murrays, where we first tried this delicatable sheep, cow and goat's milk soft cheese, they describe it as a cheese cake without the sugar,?but it could also be compared to gelato in terms of richness and texture. The inside is cheese cakey, but it has a much softer, liquidy shell.

Everyone who has tried it has been swayed by its tangy yumminess. A small round can be bought at Murrays for around $9; it's also included in their best sellers basket (see, everyone looves it and so will you!)

You can serve with honey, crackers, and pair with wine, or a stout (which we ate it with in our class) but it's just as good on its own for a luxurious ending to any meal or just as a decadent snack.

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Posted on April 28, 2008

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