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griddle cafe huge pancakesWith all the activities and huge portions it was hard to squeeze in three meals a day, but even on two a day we managed to partake in some fabulous meals in the city of angels.

The best meal of the trip was lemon berry pancakes at Griddle Caf?, a hopping breakfast spot renowned for their gigantic flapjacks. I recommend you get a single pancake if you don't like to waste food, a short stack if you're sharing and want to be wowed by your plate, and the regular stack if you're crazy. Not only is the size a novelty, but they are really tasty too. And, no joke, this place has the very best bacon I have ever had in my life. Ever.

Another great spot for breakfast and huge portions is Doughboys, where I most enjoyed the corn cake served with pork and, for lunch, the massive French onion soup. This is also home to a great red velvet cake.

For burgers, there are lots of places often raved about, but we ended up at Lucky Devils, which doesn't get the praise and buzz it deserves. It is well loved by locals, but still kind of a secret elsewhere. It has a selection of kobe beef burgers that were perfectly medium rare and delicious. The menu is full of other down home type favorites and had a really impressive list of beers. They even served the rare Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. Ignore it's very nineties logo and embrace that the place is run by the shirtless guy from the diet coke ads, it's a pricey burger (relatively compared to other local favorites) but worth all fifteen dollars.

For our last meal out we went to the upscale but affordable new Italian restaurant Terroni. In a dim and lively space with slick but comfy design and grand chandeliers, we shared a white pizza with Italian ham. It was exactly the dose of civilization and tastiness we needed after a long hike in the middle of nowhere Malibu. My main course of Spaghetti Lemone was equally yummy and a dish I would highly recommend.

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Posted on May 19, 2008

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