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La Flor Bakery and Cafe in QueensFor half the price of brunch in a trendier neighborhood, you can enjoy authentic, excellent Mexican specialties under the Seven train in Woodside Queens. You don't even have to endure a hole in the wall type environment, owners Marcos and Maria Carrion and chef Viko Ortega have made La Flor a warm, welcoming spot you wouldn't mind lounging around in, sipping a cup of coffee along with one of their pastries (I can personally vouch for the blueberry crumb tart) after completing your huevos rancheros (photo from flickr).

Other can't-miss items on the menu include a truly spicy blend of scrambled eggs and vegetables with large chunks of fresh jalapenos; an egg dish smothered in queso oaxaca and another great egg-based dish, I forget the name, is a hearty mound of chorizo, potatoes and eggs. They also serve appetizing sounding dinner entrees though you can enjoy the delicious breakfast until 2 pm.

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Posted on October 22, 2007

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