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la chouffeLa Chouffe is a beloved Belgium brew that we all adore for it's weird and weirdly adorable gnome on the bottle. The brewery, which has it's own gastro pub for visitors, is just as picturesque as you would expect from the cuteness of their logo. But of course, all the gnomes in the world wouldn't matter if the beer didn't taste good. And La Chouffe is extremely pleasant. It's won many awards and has quickly become one of Belgium's most popular microbreweries.

It can be ordered at Vol de Nuit, K&M in Brooklyn (the first place I had it), and by the bottle at the fabulous Whole Foods beer room. I am most familiar with their Golden Ale, a strong, slightly spicy brew, but have tried and can recommend their darker, Mc Chouffe, which is harder to find on tap.

Other products include the piratey looking Esprit d'Achouffe, served in a stone crock and disilled to taste like grappa from aged beer (sadly, I've yet to see this at Whole Foods) and a coffee liquer!

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Posted on May 26, 2008

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