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There's a certain comfort in the predictability of an Elmore Leonard novel. You can always expect snappy dialogue; a likable hero; a slew of dim witted criminals (usually one of which is far more dangerous than the others); at least one femme fatale or otherwise duplicitous lady; and the kind of smart, fun writing that this wildly prolific author is known for.

In La Brava, a 1983 novel set in the faded glory of Miami, the likable hero is a former secret service agent turned photographer (because Leonard's novels typically spawn film adaptations, I saw Eric Bana), the femme fatale is a cunning former Film Noir star (a raven-haired Michelle Pfeiffer, perhaps), and the criminals include a gigantic, very dumb rent-a-cop looking to use maximum force (what about Triple H – Hunter Hearst Helmsley) and a flamboyant, Go-Go dancing long haired Cuban whose not afraid to murder anyone (authentically, Guillermo D’az, but if they wanted to stick with the Hollywood tradition of using non ethnic actors, Justin Theroux who, as you'll read further down, made a mighty fine Jesus in The Ten).

I won't divulge the plot here because you'll get much more satisfaction unraveling the faked kidnappings, double crosses, love affairs, and failed plans yourself but, suffice to say, this is a quality entry in the Leonard oeuvre.

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Posted on January 26, 2009

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