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2417 West Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO

About twice a year I get an tremendous craving for the fondue at La Baguette in my hometown of Colorado Springs. Having it was my one request during my recent visit and it lived up to all my fond memories. It has a different consistency than most fondues – less thick and appetizingly chunkier. I have no idea what type of cheese they use, but if I knew, I’d attempt to make it myself so I wouldn’t have to travel across the country to enjoy it (not that I don’t love visiting home!).

The cafe itself is nestled in Old Colorado City, an arty, old timey part of town that has barely changed since I left. Magic Town, a gallery featuring the pewter drunk hobo art of Michael Garman is still across the street from Simpich, the local puppetry and I have no doubt that my name is still carved into the benches at Bancroft Park by a former skateboarding boyfriend. It’s a lovely, historic part of town and worth a visit if you happen to be in the area. And of course, be sure to make La Baguette your lunch spot. And no worries, if fondue is not you cup of tea, there are sandwiches on homemade breads and amazing pastries.

Many people think that you have to live in a big city to find unique culinary experiences like this but in the middle of Colorado we grew up with both La Baguette and fellow Colorado French gem, La Creperie (which I’d like to have on my next visit home). What luck!

What local eateries do you adore from your own home town? Leave your dining tips as a comment!

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Posted on April 28, 2011

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