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Even one of Kyle MacLachlan‘s iconic roles would solidify him as a cult legend, but he’s making a career of it.

For David Lynch, he brought to life Agent Dale Cooper! Blue Velvet‘s Jeffrey Beaumont and Paul Atreides in Dune. He was even behind the most hilarious sex scene ever put to film in the incomparably bad/good Showgirls! And don’t forget the sci-fi B-movie and former Brix Pick, The Hidden, like everyone else has.

Now, as the silver fox Mayor of Portland in Portlandia, he is racking up more hip cred even after taking on more mainstream roles in Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives.

I love him. There’s just no one else that has his combination of quiet strangeness and sunshiney naivete. He’s like one of those truly cool guys that is even cooler because he doesn’t act “cool” at all (you know?).

Plus, he dated Linda Evangelista.

Plus, he is aging beautifully.



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Posted on January 22, 2013

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