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krolewskie jadlo restaurant greenpointIf you've ever walked down Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint you have probably noticed the building with the knights in armour standing guard. What are they protecting? Some of the most comforting and filling fare I have been lucky enough to stuff myself with in the neighborhood… and believe it or not the service is friendly – something that can not be said of some other local Polish restaurants.

Everything we tried on Krolewskie Jadlo's menu was hearty and delicious. I particularly recommend the warm beets as a side, and King's Potato Pancakes – mini pancakes with herbed cream and smoked salmon – as a starter.

The best introduction entree is probably the sampler which included pirogues, stuffed cabbage, potato pancakes and kielbasa – all for less than $8! That's the other amazing thing about this place – You'll get a King's Feast for a peasant's wage!

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Posted on August 21, 2006

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