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Our super models of the 90’s retrospective continues…

When Kristen McMenamy entered the modeling scene, she altered the world’s perception of beauty. Androgynous, hard, alien and yet strikingly beautiful she is as comfortable with a septum ring as she is in a Versace gown.

I remember being mesmerized by her haunting eyes and pale skin in edgy editorials when her hair was ultra short and jet black. Now  she sports the most ferociously awesome hair Рwaist length and silvery grey and with it has probably become my favorite current model working.

Of course, there are those love cat Lanvin ads too, as if she weren’t spectacular enough without them.

And as ethereal and otherworldly as she sometimes looks, she still seems like she’d be tons of fun to paint the town red with.

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Posted on June 2, 2011

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