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Korla Pandit How could I be unaware of such magnificence? For that matter, how did the whole world seem to forget it? Born in Missouri, Pandit developed a more adventurous and totally untrue background story (too cool) wherein he was raised by a Brahman priest and a French opera singer. He starred in a local California TV show where he never spoke, just gazed intently into the viewer's eyes and played on his organ.

Despite his successes as a musician, a silent TV star, being considered the Godfather of Exotica(!) and all his other accomplishments in style and just plain craziness, he has long faded into the background and is all but forgotten today, though Re/Search included his music on Incredibly Strange Music, Vol. 2. and he did have a cameo in former Brix Pick, Ed Wood.

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Posted on October 15, 2007

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