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the cure kiss me kiss me kiss meKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me is a perfect smattering of all that The Cure does best. Poppy, depressing, slow, catchy, hypnotic, gothy–each song offers something new. Why Can't I Be You, The Perfect Girl, Hot Hot Hot! and Just Like Heaven absolutely shine as the album's big hits but songs with less radio play like the moody, eerie Snakepit; the bass heavy Like Cockatoos; and the albums final song, Fight are just as awesome. They each get right inside and make you shiver with poppy nostalgic melancholy.

There's been some criticism of this album for being all over the place and not as tight conceptually as their next release, Disintegration, but I think the eclectic vibe makes this one of their most fun to listen to.

Robert Smith re-released this a couple years ago with the original long version of Hey You and an entire disc of bonus materials like demos and alternate mixes, but I only have the original version so you'll have to tell me how all the extra stuff sounds.

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Posted on August 4, 2008

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