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kim kellyEveryone had a Kim Kelly. That terrifying but totally hot girl that seems so beyond what you could ever hope to be, with a bad streak a mile long.

My first was Seven Luder-Powers: several years older than me, she had a body before anyone else was even picking out their own clothes, and she wore a red strapless leather mini dress to a JR. High dance.

Miriam, the sister of one of my best friends in H.S.– she was a Kim Kelly, no doubt. She'd walk down the halls slamming people with her trapper keeper, hang up if you called for her sister, say things like, “Where did you learn to put on make up, clown college?” and, “Who threw up on your pizza?” just as you were about to take a bite.

I had some Kim Kelly best buds in my “bad years” before JR. High. Their names were Holly and Molly and they wore their bangs high, their skirts short, and trolled for boys that we'd never meet in our pristine neighborhood at the Chapel Hills Mall.

They're the girls I'd memorize Eazy-E lyrics with and play “real satanic” Ouija board with after rude prank phone calls had run thier course.

I may even be friends now with a former Kim Kelly, but I'd have to confirm with Stacy on that one… So I guess I've had my share of more than just one Kim Kelly… I am a lucky girl.

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Posted on September 18, 2006

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