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Kim DealI know for a lot of hip young girls in the 90s it was another Kim that inspired them to be cooler than the boys, and with absolutely no disrespect to Gordon and her long-lasting marriage, BUT for me it was Kim Deal. I can vividly remember an article from the unparalleled Sassy Magazine which was titled something like, “I Can Carry My Own Guitar”. Deal wore shiny silver leather pants and a black tank top while hoisting a guitar over her head.

And while today I'd never be caught in such an outfit (not due to it's horrendousness, I just didn't quite evolve into the type of tough woman who can pull off such things like I thought I might at the time). I still think Deal is a big deal. Not only did she hold her own in one of the most unique and influential bands of any time, The Pixies, but she opened an entirely new world for me, one in which girls were not with the band, but in it, and yes, they could carry their own damn guitars. She was music to a 14 year old girl's ears.

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Posted on March 5, 2007

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