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kick and punch ymca greenpointI finally joined the neighborhood YMCA. I had sworn I'd never be a gym girl, exercising in public never sounded like my thing, and I gave all sorts of logical reasons for not doing it. But the Y is so close, affordable ($76 for Jim and I together a month) and they are waiving the entrance fee until February 4th.

So, some paper work and one mug shot looking ID photo later I am a card carrying gym member. The Kick and Punch class, currently held on Saturdays at 10 – 11am is the first class I've taken and I am so grateful that my co-worker and friend Meghan took it with me. Having a partner not only makes it more fun, but it made me actually get out and do it.

The class is fairly intense. “Oh, so this is how people loose weight,” I thought to myself when it was all over and even my ponytail was drenched in sweat. The instructor is friendly and the environment is really easy going, not intimidating in the least. If you want to join us next time, just let me know.

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Posted on January 28, 2008

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