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kevin smithTo be nice and fair I will start by making a list of things I like about the rotund crass master Kevin Smith:

1. He does a perfectly fine job filling in for Roger Ebert as a guest critic

2. He seems perfectly nice and no doubt a conversation with him would be adequate if not enjoyable or even delightful.

Now on to all the reasons he is on this list:

4. Dogma

5. He is somewhat responsible for the fame of this week's hunk and that is inexcusable. Let's not forget he also had something to do with Joey Lauren Adams

6. He totally messed with my Degrassi – The Next Generation as a “wizened yet loveable” (read pompous and fat) guest star. He clearly took the job just to kiss Caitlin–fulfilling, one presumes, a childhood wish turned perverted with age. Having a crush on Caitlin when she and you were 13 is fine, not so much when you hit forty and you're still thinking of her young body in batwing sweaters handing out save the environment petitions.

7.He could not resist the urge to guest star on the Jon Favreau obnoxious-fest Dinner for Five?/p>

8. XXXL short sleeved button downs with long shorts and Gencon black tee shirts are a fashion statement that should have never lived, and at the very least should have silently died in the mid-ninties (coincidentally the same time Mr Smith's career should have died too). And yet, Kevin is perpetuating this abomination every day of his life.

Ok, I'm done.

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Posted on November 13, 2006

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