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kennebunkportThe president and I now officially have something in common! We both love to vacation in Kennebunkport, ME. With seagulls overhead, fudge shops, big trees, quaint cobblestone roads, white churches, and clam shacks, it is the quintessential picturesque Maine town.

In the tiny downtown area you will find the aforementioned (and dessert pick) English Fudge, Gibran Gifts, a wonderful gourmet food shop where we purchased pepper jam and blueberry honey, and bustling (by Maine standards) small streets with all sorts of knick knacks. We spent a good two hours just strolling and taking it all in after a homemade breakfast at The Port Bakery and Cafe.

But don't stop at the main square area, a super short drive takes you down to the Southern coast with rocky beach cliffs and outstanding architecture, including an awesome spooky house that was always in shadow even though it shouldn't have been. We stayed in a cheap alternative to the lovely B&Bs and Inns that grace both sections of town, at the Kennebunk Cottages in nearby Kennebunk, which is about a 10 minute drive away.

Also in Kennebunk we ate lobster for sickeningly cheap at Bull'n'Claw – a hillbilly Maine family style restaurant with bibs, paper plates, and a surprisingly decent Bloody Mary. But the best food was to be had at Clam Shack on the bridge as you enter Kennebunkport. $14 dollars gets you the kind of lobster roll I traveled six hours for.

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Posted on October 23, 2006

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