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Decided to follow up my trip down childhood heart throb lane (see River Phoenix) with his fellow My Own Private Idaho star, Keanu Reeves. Of course any young girl knows his name means “the breeze”, Sassy Magazine taught us that. As he was a cool, refreshing breeze, the kind of goofy, kind but totally hot man that we all hoped to end up dating some day. And while some might say his acting skills are lacking, I’d refer them to hisĀ  resume, which includes some pretty impressive and diverse stuff: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, River’s Edge, Dangerous Liasons, Parenthood, My Own Private Idaho, The Matrix, Bram Strocker’s Dracula, and the mother of them all Point Break! So, ok, the quality of material has tapered off lately (Constantine, The Lake House, The Day the Earth Stood Still) but it doesn’t make his any less charming and it only makes that next movie where he’s really going to shine more exciting (though no word on when it’s coming.. could it be the live action version of Cowboy Bebop?). Also, once he nodded to my dad so you know he’s a good guy too.

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Posted on May 16, 2010

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