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karl lagerfeldKarl Lagerfeld is one of the few icons in fashion today that is larger than life in so many ways. His persona makes me giddy and his little fan makes me smile. To my surprise however, while watching (a not so good) documentary on him a few months ago, I found that beyond the diet, the thin black pants,the sunglasses,the flash, and the pretense, I actually found him quite charming and agreed with a lot of his philosophies on creativity and life.

And who can't respect his lines of exquisite clothing, including the insanely hyped Lagerfeld line, that debuted last season only to be abruptly cancelled by Tommy Hilfiger (who owned the rights). Just goes to show Tommy is insane, first he sissy punches Axl Rose, now this?

Lagerfeld has also spent the last many years at Chanel, delivering shows that are truly high art and make me want to cry at the idea of even touching the hem of the garments. Yes, I am being dramatic. I learned by watching Karl.

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Posted on October 2, 2006

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