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karczma greenpoint polish restaurantBy traveling ever so slightly off the beaten path, my friends and I may have discovered the best Polish food in Greenpoint. Karczma, which means old farm house in Polish is a warmly lit wooden oasis, which indeed calls to mind an old country house. It's walls were adorned with farm tools and a cute, rickety faux well sits in the middle of the back room. The waitresses wear traditional costumes and are lovely and charming. There is also a larger selection of Polish beers on tap than most local spots, including Krusovice Dark, which was the size of my head.

It's the food, though, that sets Karczma apart. I find most local Polish places in the neighborhood to be fairly similar, with one or the other making a better brat, pancake, or slaw, but generally they are all fairly equal. Not that I can complain, since they're equally pretty good,?but I found the food here to be outstanding. I ordered the Spicy Beef Goulash, a tangy saucy meal with melt in your mouth beef and served on the best potato pancakes in the area. Not bland at all, these latkes were slightly crisp on the edges and fluffy inside.

The polish platter, too, which is a neighborhood standard had options that outdid other local places. The pierogies, the hunter's stew, and the aforementioned potato pancakes, particularly stood out. Online I have read raves about their grilled dishes too, especially the blood sausage.

Funny enough, the restaurant is owned by Krzysztof Drzewiecki who also runs the knight themed Krolewskie Jadlo, which is the other local Polish restaurant that made my list. It's located near the bars along Franklin and I recommend as an option before or after a night out.

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Posted on May 12, 2008

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