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karaokeThere are many ways and places to do Karaoke in New York and we've tried many of them. Places like Winnie's, Enids, Arlene's Grocery and Sweet Ups offer a stage, a mic, an audience.. which is way too intimidating for me, so I prefer the private party booths of BINY, and my favorite is the former brothel glitz of a place in Koreatown named Manhattan Ding Dong Dang Karaoke at 32 West 32nd Street (6th floor).

It's kind of hidden and has a sign with a signing frog on it. Big word of warning to those that have never rented a private karaoke room – it will cost you. Especially if you invite anyone and everyone you know because 80% of people do not pay their share and the rest end up wide eyed saying “we owe what?!!”

Avoid such ugliness by renting a small room with people who are prepared to stay the whole night and pay their share, that way you can enjoy a worry-free and fabulous night of fun, fun, fun.

People go crazy in their happiness and you'll find yourself not only belting out hits like “Bump and Grind”; “9 to 5”; “She Bop” and “18 and Life” (all my top picks) but with the aid of the free flowing soju you will belt them like they've never been belted before.

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Posted on December 25, 2006

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