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kabsaNational Dish of Saudi Arabia

One of the benefits, and believe me there are many, to having a generous friend who loves to cook is that you’ll get emails like this:

Subject: Kabsa Anyone?

“Ok, so it’s almost “Souper Sunday” time of year, but before it gets too cold out, I’ve been meaning to make a giant serving of Kabsa. What’s Kabsa you ask? Why its the national dish of Saudi Arabia of course. I came across it last week doing a wikipedia search on Mecca since it was in the news. And let me tell you, it looks delicious. Its chicken, rice, raisins (i get this awesome Persian kind of this place near my work that taste like no raisin you’ve had) some nuts and maybe some other stuff, I’m searching the internet for the best recipe. So anyone down for some this Sunday afternoon/evening (perhaps around 5 or 6)? Let me know if anyone is up for it, so I know how much I need to make.”

As a usual non-lover of raisin foods, I have to say I was a believer after eating this. Super delicious.

All the ingredients put together

traditional kabsa

a traditional kabsa meal

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Posted on November 22, 2009

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