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juilette williamsburgI'm not always the most forgiving when faced with rudeness. When Juliette first opened, Jim and I stopped by for brunch at noon. They told us, despite a full staff being present and not a single seat taken, that we had to wait outside because it wasn't noon yet. It was noon, but we asked if we could wait inside until they were open and we were told no, very rudely. We didn't make a scene, we just left and vowed to never return.

Well, due to the overwhelming temptation to drink on a roof top last Sunday, we got over it and met some friends for a very hopping, happy roof deck experience. The full bar menu was not available yet, but eventually everyone on the crowded, sunlit roof had a mojito in their hands. The drinks were fine with a small yet decent offering of bottled beers and wines.

The real draw is, of course, the chance to drink outside and enjoy the loveliest time of year. I can almost hear the crowds gathering and the lines forming to get a table, however. Hopefully I won't have to develop a bad habit and start my drinking earlier and earlier to grab a coveted spot. Until word of mouth spreads too far, and, yes I realize by posting this I'm part of the problem, I will enjoy Juliette as much as I can. And you should too so long as you aren't taking for my table.

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Posted on May 28, 2007

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