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julian barrattYou might recognize the slightly scuzzy and incredibly handsome Julian Barratt as Dan Ashcroft in Brix Pick Nathan Barley. Or you might recall his stellar musical performance in Matt Berry's AD/BC: A Rock Opera. But perhaps he's most well known and best loved as Howard Moon, half of the disarmingly charming comedy team The Mighty Boosh, which happens to be this week's TV pick.

According to Barratt himself, Howard Moon is the character he is most like in real life. Like Moon he's a jazz aficionado and an accomplished musician. Like Moon he's deep, restrained and thoughtful. Though, unlike Moon, I seriously doubt he has trouble attracting women – in fact he's baby daddy to twins with partner and fellow comedienne Julia Davis. Damn.

As you may have guessed by now, Barratt and Fielding, Matt Berry, Richard Ayoade, and pretty much everything they have touched (that I can manage to get my hands on – most of this stuff is only available only at is a new obsession of mine.

Barratt is also the celebrity who looks the most like local heartthrob, Leigh LeDare. Both look like Bosnian drug dealers.


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Posted on November 19, 2007

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