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joseph cottenJoseph Cotten has a calming effect when he enters the screen, whether as a tortured woman's only hope in Gaslight, or murdered man's devoted friend in The Third Man. He even seems comforting as a window killer in Shadow of a Doubt (Hitchcock's favorite of his own films).

He must have had an easy demeanor in real life too as he was a good friend and collaborator with the infamously difficult legendary director Orson Welles. He starred in Welles' masterpiece Citizen Kane, but despite an entire impressive and dignified career, Cotten never received half the recognition he deserved.

His life outside movies is just as admirable. He was also a devoted husband to his first wife Lenore LaMont until she died of leukemia after 29 years of marriage and his second wife Patricia who he was married to for 34 years before he passed away in 1994.

Most impressive though is this tidbit of information: before he made it as a star, he was an entrepreneur of sorts – he sold “Tip Top Potato Salad” which he made himself. I can't resist a good potato salad nor the man who makes a “tip top” version.

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Posted on January 7, 2008

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