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It’s taken a while for me to have my Joni Mitchell “moment”. Van was just days old and California was the first song we listened to together, awwww.

While the waify talent recently took some flack for shit talking Bob Dylan and Madonna (neither of whom have never said a bad word about anyone I am sure) her long haired, huge smiling, easy summer breeze style is as refreshing as her older age words are vitriolic.

Plus, one has to respect the admiration her music earned among rock and roll’s male dominated royalty without ever changing herself to fit conventions. Everyone from Prince to Madonna, Led Zeppelin to Morrissey, Bjork to Sonic Youth site her as inspiration.

And if I could guarantee it wouldn’t freak out my baby (I’ve read that drastic hair style changes can be alarming) I’d cut me some Joni Mitchell bangs.

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Posted on April 29, 2011

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