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johnny depp jack sparrowOh, Johnny, the amazingness you have spawned! Thanks to the flamboyant and fun portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow from America's most handsome actor today, legions of boys who only had the option of ninja, swashbuckler, or plain old pirate now have someone special to emulate anytime a costume is needed (and even sometimes when it is not).

In particular I speak of our local Ren Faire's own Sparrow, who I always used to get my photo taken with but am saddened to say has not been present lately. He plays the part with aplomb, leaving in his wake the fawning teenage maidens that smoke in the “ye old employees smoking section” with dreams him pillaging their heaving wenchly bosoms.

He also dons the trusty (and I am sure quite expensive) outfit for the Forest of Fear, where is the same, only dead. Thank you again Johnny.

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Posted on August 21, 2006

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