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john rhys meyersIs chronic male gold digging and preying on teenage socialites and millionaires really reason enough to boo me off the table for saying I find the reptilian heartthrob Johnathan Rhyes Meyers hot and awesome? I swear, I haven't been glared at so incredulously since I last told someone that R. Kelly's illiteracy doesn't bother me (the peeing, though–I'm TOTALLY against!).

True, he tends to come off more creepy and insolent than dashing and gallant when cast in the role of lover (see: Match Point, the (awful) Tudors, and especially, Bend It Like Beckham), but creepy and insolent is the way I like him?On screen.

Off screen, it's fair to say that I probably wouldn't like him one bit. Rumors of alchohol abuse and girlfriend beatings. BOO! And he once called all actresses “drama queens” and vowed to never date one again. This from a guy that wore a knit beanie cap, sunglasses and tightie whities into an LA pool after strutting around making sure everyone recognized him. That's no rumor, a friend witnessed it, so if anything, it's hearsay.

Still! I can't deny him as this week's hunk, as ashamed as I should be.

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Posted on March 31, 2008

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