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John LurieSorry Terrence Howard, you may have lovely eyes and a mesmerizing mumble (not to mention that you look exactly like America's Next Top Model, Eva Pigford), but John Lurie is on record as the hottest pimp in the movies (see buddy Jim Jarmusch's Down By Law).

He probably has everyone beat as the hottest and coolest fishing show host as well (although this guy must be second). And if that weren't enough, this imposing, suave gentleman with the cutest mouth since Joaquin Phoenix also plays in a band and creates unique and revered film scores.

Did I mention he is a talented painter, whose work was recently displayed at P.S.1 and currently has shows in Arizona and Montreal; also see this weeks laugh for his impact on Russia and language. In short, John Lurie may be one of the coolest men of our time.

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Posted on February 26, 2007

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