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Joe's Busy CornerThis deli down the street is the kind of place a sitcom would desperately try to recreate as a “fuggetaboutit” Brooklyn “joint” and fail miserably. Yes, it's the kind of neighborhood spot where they treat their customers like family and firemen line up next
to nannies next to hip young things for real Italian goodies.

This is the genuine article. Fresh cheeses and meats under glass, daily made desserts, the best ice tea on earth, and the sandwiches, oh! the sandwiches… my favorite is the huge fat cheesy meatball parm, but all that I have tried are delicious made with all those fresh ingredients. And if you can't eat a whole one – although it is so amazingly good you may surprise yourself – fuggetabouit and share with a hungry friend. Only downside is that it only stays open until 6:30.

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Posted on June 12, 2006

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