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joel mst3kAny fan of MST3K must bow down to the original, Joel Hodgson. It was his idea that began the late night cult classic show's epic eleven year journey to nearly two hundred episodes and a feature film. Hodgson was an affable host who adorably according to wikipedia “began his career in seventh grade as a magician and ventriloquist.” Inspired by Silent Running, Joel created the robots we've all come to know and love so well with his own hands.

It's so sad to hear then, that contrary to what he claimed back when he left the show -that he had other plans (which eventually included a cameo on Freaks and Geeks and this week's funny pick, Cinematic Titanic), he really left his robots and hand made career behind because of conflicts with his neo-dadaist producer, Jim Mallon. (Take a look at Mallon's Statue of Mendota stunt).

It's nice to see the riffing format back again with his latest project though in silhouette, you can't ever see his signature sleepy eyes that were so charming. Read more about Cinematic Titanic and Mike Nelson's Film Crew and Rifftrax in this week's funny section.

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Posted on March 16, 2009

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